Hi-Tec Pipe Rehabilitation delivers accurate pipe condition assessments through high quality reports. As our sensor and data analysis capabilities have evolved, we have developed 5 standard reports that our customers have come to depend upon. In addition to our standard reports, it is possible to work with our reporting engineers to create custom reports that meet specific customer needs.
Report Generation Process
Quality starts with the data collection and data processing.  RedZone has field engineers and reporting engineers with highly specialized skill sets. Field engineers perform robot deployment and assure high quality data collection. They also perform some of the PACP coding in real-time to assure inspection completeness. The field engineers transfer gigabytes of data digitally from robot to RedZone headquarters where our reporting engineers complete PACP coding, analyze the data, and generate reports.
Multi-Sensor Inspection
A thorough pipe inspection requires information from multiple sensors. As an example, sediment may generate H2S gas which can form sulfuric acid, which, in turn, can cause corrosion. RedZone’s H2S and  Sediment reports can be correlated with the Corrosion report to determine if cleaning specific locations with a pipe can help prolong its life. 




Diagramă indic´┐Żnd calitatea.

 Diagramă de ovalitate 3D Laser report





Inginerii Hi-Tec Pipe Rehabilitation furnizează raporturi comprehensive si bogate in legatura conditiilor infrastructurale usor de interpretat . 


Inspectia multi senzor

Detectarea coroziunii la timp...


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